Conference on Circular Economy in Tourism in South East Europe

08.05.2018 \\ National Cleaner Production Programme

The National Cleaner Production Center (NCPC) of the Republic of Moldova representative is participating today at the Conference on Circular Economy in Tourism in Slovenia, Ljubljana.

The participants are senior government and European Union officials, leading international enterprises, leading innovative companies and circular economy experts and representatives from the NCPCs.

In this regard NCPC has been demonstrating tangible benefits of applying RECP options in the selected industrial sectors, delivering awareness raising, training of national consultants in the specific areas, assessments at company level, and disseminating of information regarding sustainable tourism, low carbon production and sound chemicals management.

National round table „Green Economy, Made in Moldova, 2018”

31.01.2018 \\ National Cleaner Production Programme

Benefits obtained by the industrial enterprises and other organizations in Moldova in result of putting Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production in practice were presented at the national round table "Green Economy, Made in Moldova, 2018" in order to demonstrate the principles of green economy in action to the general public, government institutions, enterprises, organizations.