December 22, 2010 - Regional RECP Awareness and Dissemination Workshop held in Orhei

22.12.2010 \\ Czech Republic (2010)

National Cleaner Production Programme (NCPP) in Moldova is entitled to deliver and coordinate services in regard to Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) methods, polices, practices and technologies. 

Information dissemination on RECP concept, methods and benefits to raise awareness and commitment for RECP was delivered at the Regional awareness and dissemination Workshop held in Orhei district at one of the assessed companies in the region. 

Representatives of the local Government, municipal enterprises and food-processing companies had participated at the workshop.

The event was finalized with a short excursion to the host company production processes/facilities, provided Chateau Vartely is a wine producer.

December 21, 2010 - Regional RECP Awareness and Dissemination Workshop held in Ungheni

21.12.2010 \\ Czech Republic (2010)

In cooperation with Ungheni Municipality Mayor and Regional Centre for Sustainable Development - Ungheni a Regional RECP Workshop on Awareness Raising and Dissemination was held in Ungheni district.

Ungheni Municipal enterprises, and representatives of regional industrial sector, also Nisporeni district local government representative attended the workshop.

There was shown interest for the RECP concept from enterprises/authorities side and commitment to the environmental priorities of the community and regional level.

December 20, 2010 - National Conference on promoting Sustainable Industrial Development in the Republic of Moldova

20.12.2010 \\ Czech Republic (2010)

NCPP held a National Conference on Sustainable Industrial Development and RECP promotion in Moldova. NCPP- Moldova is a national initiative under the global UNIDO-UNEP Programme, and funded in the first phase by the Government of Czech Republic. 

Representatives of central and local Government of the Republic of Moldova, Czech Embassy, UNDP, ADA, Sustainable Production and Consumption Centre Romania, business, academia, civil society had participated at the Conference. Rene Van Berkel, Chief, Cleaner and Sustainable Production Unit UNIDO, handed out the CP Certificates to the national experts involved in RECP assessments.

During 2009-2010, the NCPP has created awareness, trained auditors and completed assessments in some companies from food, beverage and construction materials sectors. Collectively, these activities have proven good potential for economic and environmental benefits through the application of RECP methods, practices and technologies.

November 3, 2010 - UNIDO Project Manager visit to Chateau Vartely-wine producer company

03.11.2010 \\ Czech Republic (2010)

UNIDO Project Manager - Rene Van Berkel mission to Moldova included also visits to the companies that had initiated the implementation of RECP concept. 

National expert, professor Ion Stratan made a brief presentation on the RECP assessment and suggested recommendations on the implementation of identified options for Chateau Vartely.

UNIDO Project Manager was provided with the insights on production processes and in regard to the company activities chain, also getting to know the impressive abilities of the management team at Chateau Vartely winery.

November 2, 2010 - National experts training and introduction to the newly produced tool by UNIDO-UNEP for documenting/monitoring enterprise-level RECP results

02.11.2010 \\ Czech Republic (2010)

Rene Van Berkel, Project Manager had presented to the national experts the main features of the "Enterprise Level Indicators for Resource Productivity and Pollution Intensity Tool" and the core set of indicators for enterprise level and had explained how this indicators can be applied and how they can be used to initiate RECP and document/monitor its results.

National experts are going to apply Resource Productivity and Pollution Intensity Indicators for the current and future assessed enterprises and monitor/document the progress on RECP concept adoption at the national level, determining so the baseline resource efficiency profile before and after RECP implementation.

November 2, 2010 - National Executive Board(NEB) meeting

02.11.2010 \\ Czech Republic (2010)

At the second NEB meeting an overview on the NCPP achievements and future plans were presented to the NEB members.

With the limited resources that were available so far, the NCPP already demonstrated that adopting the RECP methodology, assessed companies were able to optimize some of their operations with relatively straight-forward measures at low costs and high rates of return. The assessments in these enterprises focused mainly on energy efficiency and water/waste water management.

The NCPP will transition to its full implementation stage which will include institutional and professional capacity building, RECP promotion and knowledge management, industry demonstrations (in particular in food processing, building materials and municipal services sectors) and policy support [UNIDO_NCPP_Moldova_Concept].

NEB members have appreciated the activities undertaken by the NCPP-Moldova and fully supported UNIDO RECP Program concept for Moldova.

November 2, 2010 - UNIDO Project Manager visit to Fabrica Elemente de Constructii (FEC)

02.11.2010 \\ Czech Republic (2010)

 UNIDO Project Manager - Rene Van Berkel in his short mission to Moldova had visited Fabrica Elemente de Constructii(FEC) - a concrete manufacturer, producing also various household construction items. FEC is currently adopting RECP concept.

Discussions on the baseline resource efficiency profile were held with the operational management and national experts and suggestions for option generation were provided.

The company - Fabrica Elemente de Constructii has a considerable potential to reduce energy, water consumption and reduction of wasted materials.

November 1, 2010 - National experts presentations on RECP audits in Moldova

01.11.2010 \\ Czech Republic (2010)

At the meeting National experts had presented to the Project Manager their reports on the completion of RECP audits at the assessed enterprises: Prometeu, Lactis, Carmez, Fabrica Elemente de Constructii, and Chateau Vartely.

Enterprises have started the implementation of first low cost RECP options with documentation of the resulting productivity and environmental benefits.

The identified high costs RECP opportunities have been discussed and feedback provided by the Project Manager.

National experts have been encouraged to further identification of RECP opportunities through systematic RECP assessments.

November 1, 2010Consultation and Planning Workshop for National Programme on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) in Republic of Moldova

01.11.2010 \\ Czech Republic (2010)

Local stakeholders - representatives of local and central Government, industrial, academic, and civil society sectors have been participating at the Workshop.

Rene Van Berkel, UNIDO Project Manager presented (1) an overview on UNIDO-UNEP joint RECP Programme and (2) UNIDO RECP draft Programme to support NCPP-Moldova for 2011-2013 for the stakeholders discussions.

Lucia Sop, National Program Director has presented information on the RECP implementation level in Moldova.

The participants have supported NCPP future plans and manifested interest for cooperation and synergies with the NCPP.

May 31, 2010 - NCPP Moldova Office Opening

31.05.2010 \\ Czech Republic (2010)

Technical University of Moldova (TUM) was selected by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to host the National Cleaner Production Programme, and offered an office 18m2 located on the 2nd floor at the Faculty of Energetics. The office is located in the heart of the capital, on the 31 August 1989 street, nr. 78, and the access of enterprises and guests of the program, is considerably facilitated. All maintenance expenses for the office are covered by TUM.

May 27, 2010 - Participation of the Vice-Rector of the Technical University of Moldova at the SME Conference 2010

27.05.2010 \\ Czech Republic (2010)

On May 27th 2010, Technical University of Moldova Vice-Rector of PhD and Master Programmes, Associate Professor, Ms. Larisa Bugaian participated at the International Conference "Innovation. Modernisation. Performance Management" within the Forum of Small and Medium Enterprises organized by the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

The event was held at the "Leogrand Convention Center", Chisinau, where Ms. Bugaian made a statement on The Entrepreneurs Training Necessities at the University. 

Referring to the National Cleaner Production Programme hosted by the Technical University of Moldova, Ms. Bugaian mentioned the launch of this programme and the necessity for implementation of the concepts, methods, techniques and policies of Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production concept in the Republic of Moldova.


March 22, 2010 - First Meeting of the National Executive Board

22.03.2010 \\ Czech Republic (2010)

On March 22, 2010 National Executive Board (NEB) held its first meeting with the participation of Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Economy, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Academy of Science, INQUA Moldova, Czech Embassy Mission representatives, UNIDO Project Manager, and the Director of the National Programme. NEB was established to provide high level direction and oversight for the NCPP.

February 18, 2010 - UNIDO official's visit at the Minister of Environment

18.02.2010 \\ Czech Republic (2010)

The Minister of Environment Mr. Gheorghe Salaru met Mr. Rene Van Berkel, Chief, Cleaner and Sustainable Production Unit of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and Mr. Vladimir Dobes - Cleaner Production (CP) researcher. 

It was discussed the cooperation between the Ministry of Environment and UNIDO, and Mr. Salaru expressed country interest for the benefits of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. 

Mr. Gheorghe Salaru highlighted that the Ministry of Environment is especially considering the promotion of Cleaner Production and the development of institutional capacities for that.

At the meeting, also was discussed the possibility to establish a national programme /centre for consultation and demonstration of good Cleaner Production practices with the support of UNIDO and the Government of Czech Republic.