Monitoring visits to RECP Club members

17.07.2017 \\ EaP GREEN (2014-2017)

RECP Club members were visited by RECP Club facilitators to monitor the post implementation of RECP options.
The measurement equipment was used to assure the accuracy of registration and presentation of achieved benefits.
The assistance was rendered for continuation of RECP actions and monitoring of resulted increase in resource productivity and decrease in pollution intensity.

World Circular Economy Forum 2017, Helsinki, Finland

05.06.2017 \\ EaP GREEN (2014-2017)

 The World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) 2017 has served as an opportunity to showcase RECPnet members’ work to a diverse range of stakeholders, including the European Commission, national governments, and international development funds.
The event has also provided a chance for World Circular Economy Forum participants to learn more about RECPnet’s work, and exchange on solutions and opportunities in developing and emerging economies, including RECP activities undertaken in Moldova.,,,

Global RECP Conference - Building Partnerships for Advancing Circular Economy and Eco-innovation Approaches, Helsinki, Finland

03.06.2017 \\ EaP GREEN (2014-2017)

The NCPP-Moldova representative has participated and has contributed to the Global RECPnet Conference with focus on Building Partnerships for Advancing Circular Economy and Eco-innovation Approaches organised on behalf of the Global Network for Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECPnet) by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and UN Environment. The Global RECPnet Conference was organised in conjunction with the World Circular Economy Forum 2017.
Based on the Global RECP Programme implementation, a proof of concept through presentations of case studies on circular economy and eco-innovation has been demonstrated and the future scaling of RECP in the global partnerships for circular economy and eco-innovation established.
The members of RECPnet has used this chance to discuss regional developments, to align the adaptation of the network’s operational modalities to evolving realities, and to improve the efficiency of RECPnet’s operations and the scale of its impact, in line with the Operational Strategy for RECPnet 2015-2020. Elections for the RECPnet executive committe and president have taken place at the meetings in Helsinki.,

Roundtable on Financing Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Investments in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Georgia and in the frame of EaP GREEN Programme

26.04.2017 \\ EaP GREEN (2014-2017)

The round table on RECP investments for SMEs was held in Tbilisi, Georgia, and focused on funding opportunities for RECP projects by addressing possible ways to bridge the gap between companies and financial institutions for financing and implementing RECP activities including adaptation and adoption of innovative RECP technologies.
Representatives of RECP Demonstration Component from Moldova have contributed with the analysis of available funding opportunities for Moldovan enterprises and organisations and the opinion of business sector on acceptable funding criteria for feasible RECP projects.

Final Coordination Meeting on Regional RECP Demonstration Component in Tbilisi, Georgia

25.04.2017 \\ EaP GREEN (2014-2017)

The final Coordination and Planning Meeting was organised to share results of RECP Component implementation, to discuss issues of the national contexts and exchange good practices on overall project implementation 2014-2017 in 6 countries of the EaP GREEN.
The up-scaling and mainstreaming RECP impact at the national level in Moldova has been presented by RECP national coordinator and includes: empowered business sector to implement and testify on RECP, efficient up-scaling model for RECP, embedding RECP into national strategic documents, and sustained expertise for continuous RECP service provision.

High-level roundtable “Green economy. Made in Moldova”

03.02.2017 \\ EaP GREEN (2014-2017)

The representative of UNIDO RECP Demonstration Component Lucia Sop, has presented the results of the National RECP Conference delivered on February 2nd, 2017 and the achievements under UNIDO RECP Demonstration Component to the Roundtable “Green economy. Made in Moldova” under EaP GREEN programme, financed by the European Union.

The Roundtable “Green economy. Made in Moldova” has been organised with the aim to present to the public the draft Roadmap to further promote green economy principles in Moldova.,,,

Inter-ministerial working group under EaP GREEN

03.02.2017 \\ EaP GREEN (2014-2017)

UNIDO RECP Demonstration Component staff has actively participated and contributed to the endorsement of the draft Road Map promotion at the inter-ministerial working group for sustainable development and green economy coordinated by the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Environment, in the framework of EaP GREEN programme, financed by the European Union.

National RECP Conference

02.02.2017 \\ EaP GREEN (2014-2017)

The National RECP Conference in the framework of EaP GREEN in the Republic of Moldova has been delivered and gained successful outcome.
The Conference reunited over 100 RECP Club members from Orhei, Balti, Ungheni, Chisinau, Causeni and relevant stakeholders.
The testimonials of enterprises on the RECP application and their willing to continue RECP have made a great impact on the governmental and international representatives.
The cooperation at the local level and among EaP GREEN partners was brought up as a strong pillar to re-assure the best outcome in common.

National RECP Conference

31.01.2017 \\ EaP GREEN (2014-2017)

Chișinău, The National RECP Conference in the Republic of Moldova is organised under UNIDO RECP Demonstration Component in the framework of EaP GREEN programme, financed by the European Union (EU).
The event will take place on February 2nd, 2017, 10:00 am at the Conference Hall, 26 A. Lapusneanu street, Hotel Vispas, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. The business representatives - manufacturing enterprises, civil sector, central and local government, donors are the invitees.
The National RECP Conference is organized within the framework of the project “Greening Economies in the Eastern Neighbourhood” funded by the European Union and implemented in partnership with OECD, UNEP, UNIDO and UNECE (
The National RECP Conference aims to bring to the public the progress in RECP implementation under UNIDO RECP Demonstration Component, in the framework of EaPGREEN, in the Republic of Moldova during 2014-2016. Under EaP GREEN UNIDO RECP Demonstration Component, RECP concept has been applied by 84 enterprises.
The Conference outcome will be presented at the next day on February 3rd to the National Round Table "Green Economy. Made in Moldova", organized back to back within EaP GREEN events in Chisinau, with the support from UNEP, OECD and UNECE, to further disseminate and confirm RECP business cases/success stories as a true application of green economy in the Republic of Moldova. Moreover further active contribution will be provided to the Inter-ministerial Working Group on sustainable development and green economy for drafting the Road Map for the promotion of Green Economy in Moldova, which is aimed for straitening the governmental policies and cooperation on concrete actions towards greening the economy and protecting the environment.